South Florida Hockey Officials Association

Once on that page, you can allow and block dates however you need. Note that you can use the "other..." feature under the "Time" drop down menu to manually set what time of the day your available for a specific date. You can set as many "other..." availabilities you need to on a single day to outline the exact times you can work.

If you need more help learning how to use AssignR, you can visit the following link:

scheduling process & procedures

The following information comes directly from the SFHOA operating procedures and outlines the scheduling process and procedures:

Section 8: Scheduling Process and Responsibilities
A: Scheduling Process. In general, the SFHOA uses the officiating systems that comply with USA Hockey standards. Accordingly, the Schedulers will always assign eligible officials to work each game, and it is important that both officials show up, on time, and prepared to perform their duties. SFHOA uses an on-line scheduling system known as  
The schedule will come out according to a “Two Week Rolling Schedule” in which every Monday (Day 1) the schedule for the week that is two weeks away (Days 15 through 21) will be released. Each official will be required to go to the scheduling site and fill out their availability calendar for the week that corresponds with upcoming schedule release. Failure to do so will result in the official being omitted from the schedule for that week.  
Officials should be cognizant that while the schedule is released on Mondays, the Scheduler(s) will most likely be working on the schedule prior to Monday. Therefore, availability should be kept up to date as best as the official can as far out as advance as they can. In addition, the official should be aware that the scheduling process will entail other officials declining games, therefore, they should always keep their availability updated so the Scheduler(s) will know who is still available for rescheduling games.  
B: Accepting Games. An automatic e-mail will be disbursed to all scheduled officials from AssignR advising them of their new assignments. Officials have 3 days (72 Hours) from time of disbursement to accept or turn back the games on the most current schedule, or risk being removed from the assignment. Once a game(s) has been accepted from the original schedule, it is the official’s responsibility to officiate those games. In situations where the Scheduler(s) is filling games that have been declined, the scheduler is not mandated to wait 3 days (72 Hours). Instead, the Scheduler(s) will work to ensure that the game will be covered.  

C: Relinquishing Games. If an official cannot make an assigned game (whether it has previously been accepted or on first receiving the assignment), he/she must immediately decline the game as soon as possible via AssignR. If an official is attempting to relinquish a game within 48 hours of the start of the game, they will be unable to decline the game via AssignR, and instead must immediately call the Scheduler.  

There are ramifications for declining/relinquishing games:

  • Upon declining five (5) or more games for which you are listed as available, the official will be required to answer the Board for possible discipline.
  • Relinquishing an accepted game less than 48 hours prior to the start of the game will result in a fine of $10 per game being relinquished.    

It is understood that there may be situations that arise that may be out of your control.Each circumstance will be reviewed by the Board and a fine/discipline determination will be made on a case by case basis.

Using Assignr

AssignR is relatively easy to use, however, the biggest thing to understand is how to set your availability. Since AssignR defaults officials to being unavailable, you must login and update your personal availability to receive games. Start by clicking on the availability tab: