South Florida Hockey Officials Association

All games scheduled by the SFHOA follow USA Hockey rules with the following additions/changes:

FSHL High School Rules (Click here for .pdf rules)

FSHL Game Day Rules

Periods 1 and 2 will play 13 minute stop time. Period 3 will play half the remaining curfew time (1 hour 15 minutes), but shall not exceed 13 minutes. Each team is entitled to one 30 second time out.

HANDSHAKE RULE: Handshake will commence before puck drop by the Centers - no handshake prior to or after the game.

A team must have 5 players and a goaltender to start the game or else they forfeit the game.

Running time will commence with a 5 goal differential in the 3rd period. Clock reverts back to stop time when differential is less than 5 goals.

Home team provides pucks and score sheets. (Please print game sheet from Pointstreak in Landscape format)

Players present before the start of the 2nd period should have a "P" listed next to their name. Players arriving after the start of the 2nd should have an "L" and be allowed to play. Players not playing should be crossed off the score sheet. Officials and score keepers should count the number of players on the ice during warm-ups and ensure it matches the number of the score sheet. 

Upon receiving 4 penalties in a single game, a player will be ejected from the remainder for the game without receiving a game misconduct penalty. However, if a player receives a 5th penalty prior to, or after being ejected, a game misconduct will be assessed.

If two or more players from the same team leave the player's bench or penalty bench during an altercation, the game will be forfeited by the offending team.

The on-ice officials and scorekeeper are responsible for supervising the following pre-game and post-game protocols. Any deviance should be noted on the score sheet. The coaching staff shall escort their team to the ice before the game and wait for the arrival of the game officials before taking the ice for warm ups.

Each team is responsible to provide a responsible adult (21 or older) to serve as a penalty box attendant. Failure to do so will result in a bench minor at the start of each period until a responsible adult is provided.

Full USA Hockey equipment (plus an unaltered neck guard and mouth guard) is required for all players in all games. Officials are not going to remind coaches of the equipment rules prior to the start of the game.  They have been instructed to assess the USA Hockey stipulated 10 minute misconduct for the firs offense and a game ejection for a player that fails to comply with this rule a second time.

All teams must wear matching numbered jerseys and socks with the player's last name on the back. Players with an incorrect jersey are ineligible, and playing an ineligible player will result in a forfeit. Opposing coaches must submit a protest of an ineligible player prior to the start of the game. However, each team may have uniforms that can be used by any player in case of emergency. All uniform changes must be noted on the scoresheet prior to the start of the game.

All coaches, volunteers, managers, penalty box attendants and score keepers must wear FSHL credentials at all times while at the rink. Failure to comply will result in being removed from the bench, penalty box, locker room area, etc.